Scopello and Around

In Scopello you can enjoy a beach holiday in one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. it is 700m from the Scopello Tonnara and 2km from the Zingaro nature reserve. You might like to make use of the services offered by the Cetaria Diving Centre which offers boat trips, immersions and scuba diving courses. Here you can also hire boats, canoes and bicycles.

The small town is situated on the top of a cliff overlooking the coast. Its name comes from the Greek “skòpelos”, meaning rock or reef. It is near the ancient Greek city of Cetaria, whose name indicates the copious amounts of tuna fish in the area of sea. The original settling was Arab while the baglio dates back to the 17th century. From 1802 Scopello and its woods were hunting grounds for the Bourbons. The village is overlooked from the south by the tower “Bennistra” From the XV century; Nearby there are 3 watching towers, all form different historical periods, two near the Scopello Tonnara (one 13th century, the other 15th century) and one near the Guidaloca bay (XVI century).


Segesta Posted September 20, 2013


Segesta is situated four kilometers from Calatafimi on mount Barbaro about 400 metres above sea level and is one of the most beautiful and suggestive places

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